Statement Pieter Zandvliet, Leiden 1969

Stepping into my head

My name is Jan Willem Pieter Zandvliet, Leiden 1969 Visual artist
I am mainly a draftsman, the love of my life. Drawing is for the place where I always feel at home, since I was three years old.
As a child I wanted to become a cartoonist, and so I drew drawing blocks. I still read and read a lot of comics and books, so the comic style of mine is clearly present on my canvas. At the age of twenty-five I started to delve more and more into art from Indonesia, African countries, tiki art, street art, Jean Dubbufet, George Condo, Pablo Picasso, Philip Guston, Herve Dirosa, Pieter Breuchel, Robert Combas, Kees van Dongen, Bernard Buffet, Keith Haring, Heronimus Bosch, Melle Oldeboerrigter, Eric Schreurs, Joan Miro, Theo Gootjes and Andy Warhol. Also photos from the beginning of photography inspire me enormously. Music is always on when I work.

The lines in my work are important to me, outside of myself I try to surprise the viewer of a work, to fool his / her eyes with contrasts and colors, a bit like experimental music can do with our hearing. Ideally, I would like to ensure that my works ensure that visitors to my exhibition can experience the chaos in my head through my work. I hope that the work I produce will always surprise me, as if I didn’t make it myself. I like to work with music myself, the last four years mainly with Boetlek Underground Escape together with Serge Epskamp (Killer Bee Honey), Peter van Hemert (Pedro Propaganda) and I as Boetlek Spacetower. Now I would like to bring my art and the music we make together in my exhibition. When one is standing in front of a work, there will be a soft song that starts to play through an eye and belongs to the painting or the work to the song. And through a screen, videos and animations that we have made can be viewed. In this way I hope to have aroused your interest, on my website you can find more information about me and on Casco songs about the band.

Pieter Zandvliet
Painter / illustrator
P: +31 (0) 622470479

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