Dec 282017

Title: Artwok of the week, Superwoman VS Monstercock | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Artwork of the week Acrylic on canvas 60×60 cm

Nobody in the Netherlands a small and rich country in Europe, course we have a Super hero, A she. She stole her name from someone in the USA, but that is probibly oke, they know we stole everything from the USA, even the things we have all ready for ages. Our Superwoman is born in the North sea, so she is cold and strong as water and fast as the Dutch wind. Her last fight was with Supercock, a bad mutant from Zottegem Belgium. She killed him, her tradmark, she fights till her enemy died, no matter if children saw the fight. But we are proud, Superwoman is oke.

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