Nov 292013

Title: Kaneda town | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: 2011 - 2019 Paintings on wood


Kaneda town

The funny thing in this digital time, is that you can have friends, good friend you only meet virtual. I know Tomo KD and her twin sister for along time. I dedicated this work to them, the were children here, with the big brother as guard in a beautifull land.

Acrylic on wood

35 cm around

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Nov 282013

Title: Hijos del Sol | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: 2011 - 2019 Paintings on wood


Hijos del Sol

I learned to know Cecilia Garizoain Fotolog in 2002. We wrote to each other regularly, hadeen mainly about movies, art and football. Argentina and Netherlands and of course, how could it be otherwise with Maxima and Willem us Monarchs. Two years ago Cecilia visited with her Aunt Marcela Aduriz and hatred twin sisterEstefania Garizoain Europe, and took the trouble also with us in Nieuwleusen to come, great. This led to this work of her brother and sisters, I just remember a brother, I pledge to make this really good.
Acrylic on wood

35 cm around

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Nov 272013


Title: Amor in Gaudi Country | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: 2011 - 2019 Mixed media

Amor in Gaudi Country

Amor in Gaudi CountryAcrylic on paper
50×65 cm
Molt bé la ciutat que està en el meu cor
Cada dia et estrany més d’una vegada
Puc olorar el mercat de productes frescos
Als Països Baixos no té muntanyes
No obstant això, veig el Montjuïc
Veig el port, el telefèric i la platja
Vostè té la bellesa del passat a la falda
Però també el present i el futur anaven
Ets com la Sardana, un ball moderat
M’agradaria estar amb vostès
Quan vaig caminar pels carrers que
Al llarg de les putes em vaig trobar amb un munt de flors i formatge holandès
En el meu amic català
Malauradament, s’ha convertit amb Maria Jose res
Però de Barcelona a mantenir el meu amor per sempre

Muy bien la ciudad que está en mi corazón
Cada día te extraño más de una vez
Puedo oler el mercado de productos frescos
En los Países Bajos no tiene montañas
Sin embargo, veo el Montjuich
Veo el puerto, el teleférico y la playa
Usted tiene la belleza del pasado en su regazo
Pero también el presente y el futuro iban
Eres como la Sardana, un baile moderado
Me gustaría estar con ustedes
Una vez que caminé por las calles que
A lo largo de las putas me encontré con un montón de flores y queso holandés
En mi amigo catalán
Por desgracia, se ha convertido con Maria Jose nada
Pero de Barcelona a mantener mi amor por siempre

Mooie stad je zit diep in mijn hart
Dagelijks mis ik je meerdere malen
Ik kan de versmarkt ruiken
In Nederland heb je geen bergen
Toch zie ik de Montjuich
Ik zie de haven, kabelbaan en het strand
Je hebt de schoonheid van het verleden in je schoot
Maar ook het heden en de toekomst gaan gewoon door
Je bent als de Sardana, een ingetogen dans
Ik wou dat ik even bij je was
Ooit liep ik door jou straten
Langs hoeren liep ik met een bosje bloemen en Nederlandse kaas
Naar mijn Catalaans vriendinnetje
Helaas is het met Maria Jose niks geworden
Maar Barcelona jij blijft mijn liefde voor altijd
Nice town that is in my heart
Every day I miss you more than once
I can smell the fresh market
In the Netherlands has mountains
However, I see the Montjuic
I see the harbor, the cable and the beach
You have the beauty of the past in his lap
But also the present and the future were
You’re like the Sardana, a moderate dance
I would be with you
Once I walked the streets
Throughout the whores I met a bunch of flowers, and Dutch cheese
In my Catalan friend
Unfortunately, it has become nothing with Maria Jose
But Barcelona to keep my love forever


Acrylic on paper
50×65 cm

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Nov 162013

Title: World Citizen | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: 2011 - 2019 Paintings on canvas

World Citizen 2012


acrylic on canvas

120×80 cm


In the large dark blue, Pieter World all pieces put down that he likes. Mountains play a major role. As the Andes Mountains in Peru, Patagonia in Argentina, St. Moritz in Switzerland and other mountains and buildings that our government has blue marble.
Besides the main character on his shoulder is Malala who looks tired, recovering from the terrible attack on the brave girl’s life.
Behind her nothing but loving people, animals and flowers.

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Oct 302012

Title: Bombay Boy 2012 | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: 2011 - 2019 Paintings on canvas

Bombay Boy 2012

Acrylic on canvas

80×120 cm

Bombay boy is a boy in a big city. As a hero he touched every day by the great Bombay to school and back, back to his room where he is dreaming away to a world without all the dangers that daily amount of energy costs.

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