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Boetlek Underground Escape is not a band it is a showband.
It is a world of amazement and wonder. A world that frontman Boetlek Spacetower, soundscape artist Killer B Honey and muse Pedro Propaganda do not take too seriously.
To be honest they do not take the real world too seriously either and try to get rid of the labels and the borders that are dictating our lives quite too often.

It is a world best seen through the eyes of artist Pieter Zandvliet, the in-house artist of Boetlek Underground Escape. The music is a reflection of the images created by Pieter and in turn his images are inspired by the band’s music. If we say that they do not take the world very seriously, it does not mean that they do not care or question the things that occur on this little agitated planet.
They simply try to concentrate on the lighter side of life and hopefully tease you just enough to make a little smirk appear on your face.

For this first Album BUE Boetlek and Killer B have been working together very intensely for over 3 years; highly inspired by Pedro Propaganda of course. It is a constant ping pong game of ideas being thrown back and forth. It is both an adventure and an exploration. Almost all vocals were recorded on a mobile phone by Boetlek and processed by Killer B on OP-1 and arranged with a variety of synths, samples and sounds. The closest you can get to describing the musical style of this album is ‘experimental’ we guess, because this album has a broad musical spectrum and the songs do not always follow the rules set by a genre. The album was produced by Serge Epskamp of Casco Songs who has tried to make it into a cohesive album, whatever that means.

We invite you not to panic and to listen to our creation.


released July 12, 2020

Guest Performance:
Chechu Vox – Ghost Singer.
Sandra Tum – Thumb Jodeler and MC.
Little G. – Poke’mon Boy.

Art: Pieter Zandvliet

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