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Camilla Henemark (born 23 October 1964), also known as La Camilla, is a Swedish singer, actress, political spokesperson and former fashion model.

Henemark was born in Stockholm, to a Nigerian father and a Swedish mother.[1] She started her modeling career in her teens and later had her own modeling agency. Henemark started her career in music in 1985 by joining Alexander Bard in his Barbie project as Katanga. That project morphed into the group Army of Lovers, and soon La Camilla (as she is best known) became the face of the group. After two albums (and at least one public fight) with the group, she left and began a solo career. She released several singles that failed to achieve commercial success, and recorded at least one album that was never released (called Temper). Henemark then rejoined Army of Lovers in 1995 for their Les Greatest Hits album, in 2000 for their Le Grand Docu-Soap and in 2013 reunion album Big Battle of Egos, working with them on some of their most recent recordings until being fired and replaced by another former female member, Dominika Peczynski.

Besides music, Henemark has had an active career in TV and movies, and is an active supporter of the Swedish Social Democratic Party. She is currently single but was married to film director Anders Skog, and had a long-term relationship with pop star and music video director Stakka Bo (Johan Renck). She likes ice hockey and association football, and is well known for her liberal views on sex, gay rights, and life.

On 3 November 2010 the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published excerpts from a book about the Swedish King Carl XVI GustafDen motvillige monarken (“The Reluctant Monarch”), claiming that he had a year-long love affair with Henemark in the late 1990s.[2]

She has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Asperger syndrome


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