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Jon Hul is an American pin-up artist known for his photorealistic paintings and drawings of models who have appeared in Playboy magazine.

Jon Hul (Born May 30, 1957) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and later grew up in [California] and [Nevada]. In 1971, he attended Orr Middle School in [Las Vegas Valley / Las Vegas, NV] until 1973. In 1974, he attended Valley High School (Las Vegas, Nevada)|Valley High School] where he studied ceramics, oil painting, watercolors, and commercial design, graduating in 1976.

After graduating from Valley High School in 1976, he decided to pursue music (playing drums for hand full of years), travels the world, but maintained his desire to become a successful artist, thus turning his God given art talents into being a fine art artist, full-time. With limited education in the arts (junior high school and high school, without college education) Jon (subsequently) continued experimenting with different art materials thus expanding his use of creativity by using different art materials (different from that of his early school years) making it prevalent for him to create his artworks (rendered from past to present) and selling them, successfully.

Therefore, he is not a college graduate, and is mainly self-taught at his craft. He has noted as early influences the artists Salvador DalíFrank FrazettaAlberto VargasM. C. EscherPablo Picasso, and later Patrick NagelOlivia De Berardinis and Hajime Sorayama (later).

In 1987 he decided to become a full-time artist, and to focus on fatherhood.

Many of his art pieces were rendered on different substrates, as he uses the media of watercoloracrylic paintoil paints, and pencil. To date, Jon Hul has rendered art of the most gorgeous women in the world, such as the following models are: Shae Marks, Suzi Simpson, Lisa Boyle, Barbara Moore, Angela Melini, Tylyn John, Sandra Taylor, Destiny Davis, Kay O’Hara, Jade Reiger, Leslie Sanchez, Devin DeVasquez, Brandy Lee, Madeline Ghenea, and many more.

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