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Roberto Baldazzini (born August 18, 1958) is an Italian illustrator and comics artist who specializes in writing and illustrating black and white and full-color erotic comic books.

He received a formal education in commerce, after which he took several art courses and, in 1980, he founded Pinguino, for which he created the character Ronnie Fumoso, based on material that was written by Daniele Brolli. His first professional work was his illustration of Brolli’s Alan Hassad series, which was published in Italian Orient Express comics magazine in 1980. Since then, he has created numerous other characters, has created advertising art, and has been featured in Penthouse Comix and many other well-known publications [1].

Although some of his work is executed as simple line drawings that he sometimes colors, others—especially, his pinups—are realistic, fully detailed illustrations or paintings.

One of his few non-erotic works is the critically acclaimed graphic novel L’inverno di Diego (Diego’s Winter) about partisans in Italy during World War II.[1]

In 2017 he teamed up with Korero Press to produce a monograph of his work titled Mondo Erotica.

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