Sultan Murad




Murad II (Ottoman Turkishمراد ثانى‎, romanized: Murād-ı sānīTurkishII. Murat, bearing the title Ghazavat-ı Sultan Murad,[4] Ottoman Turkishغزوات سلطان مراد‎, romanized: Gazavât-ı Sultan Murad)[5] born 16 June 1404[1][2]– 3 February 1451) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1421 to 1444 and again from 1446 to 1451.

Murad II’s reign was marked by the long war he fought against the Christian feudal lords of the Balkans and the Turkish beyliks in Anatolia, a conflict that lasted 25 years. He was brought up in Amasya, and ascended the throne on the death of his father Mehmed I.

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