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July 11, 2020
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Interview about the upcoming documentary about artist Pieter Zandvliet

Title: Interview about the upcoming documentary about artist Pieter Zandvliet | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Media about Pieter Movies News

Interview with filmmaker Cecilia Garísoain about the documentary she is making about Pieter Zandvliet  in the newspaper Pringles Argentina

The documentary, Pieter, is about the dutch artist Pieter Zandvliet. His life, his arte and somehow our long and happy friendship .
A corious thing, we become friends virtually about 12 years ago and we met personally in 2011, when he and his former wife, Xandra, kindly invite me at their home.
¿What is the idea of making the documentary about Pieter?
Pieters art is very special, like him. He was diagnosed a few years ago with Asperger, a form of autism; in a way his art is full of knowledge and irradiated brilliant and lovely colors and forms. His hole life is reflected on his art.
That’s why the first idea is that all the people that can watch the documentary see and feel what we can, as we know his art. And also can see his personality through the paintings.
¿With what cineaste are you working in the proyect?
Is a group formed by women.
Florencia Scarano, the director. María Rama, a friend from Uruguay , is behind the production and Iam more focused on the script, the story.
Is a small group because we don’t count with any source of finance. We are making this documentary with our hearts and our love of art and cinema. A few month ago we start a crowdfunding system so anyone who wants to help can collaborate. This money is going to help start the pre production.
Our idea is to continue raising money by making airshows with pieter´s works. We will start in august in La Plata.
¿When are you going to shoot in Netherland?
Our gold is to go and start shooting this October / November.

¿Is the first time, as a professional, that you take part of a proyect like this?
No, I have being working in movies and others cinema productions for a while, as my other companions.
But this is going to be the most personal proyect I have had the pleasure to work on. A proyect that represents me from the beginning to the end.
¿Cuál fue tu primer trabajo a modo de documental? ¿De qué se trató?

Mi first documentary job was for the university. A movie about a “Ferroclub”, a place where people that love trains take care and work on the maintenance of locomotives, wagons, rails and objects related with the history of trains in Argentina.
For instance, they still where working on the maintenance of the locomotive that where used in scenes that where shooted in La Plata, from the movie “Seven years in Tibet”.

¿Since you was a little girl you feel the impuls of making this kind of works? What is your mission in this group of professionals?

I feel allways interested by movies. Since little I went to watch every movie that was proyected in the cinema of the town. I seize every opportunity to see a movie.
In the present time I work as a sound technician. In this group I am in charge of recording the sound of every scene or situation that we are shooting.

¿How do you work to make a documentary ?

Every proyect is particular. In our case its being a while since we start thinking of making this movie about Pieter, and ever since we start planning it.
An serious investigation about the subject of the movie, and of course if it is about a person, like our movie, to known very well he or she.
With Pieter is was all about getting to know each other, a thing that with him is really easy. The very important part of it is to share the same objetctives with him; to be on the same “page” and with that we can be sure that the movie is going to the right place.

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