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Title: Interview with Pieter, by succoacido Italy 2006 | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Media about Pieter

Hello my Friends… Are you ready to go to Holland? Well! Last days, We made an excursion to the Windmill’s land….we cross a field of tulips, wearing wooden-sabots and red aprons…. However, stop to tell bloody nonsense! We arrived to Schiedam, where Pieter Zandvliet lives! He’s interesting artist that express yourself with so many media, using a language of Contemporary Art. We met him and we talk together about his work!

SA: Hi Pieter, I’m Gabriella Ciancimino (Gagà) from Succoacido…I’m very happy to meet you! I’d like to chat about your work, because I like so much your expression ….. I saw some photo on www.doek.nu . First, I’d like know When did you start to paint and to draw?

PZ: Okay Gabriella, here it comes, are you siting on a good chair? First thing I saw when I comes out of my mothers vagina was a pencil. HMMMMMM no it was later, I was 3 years out of my mothers vagina when I saw a pencil, and than I create my own silly World on paper. It was a sort of escape from the real World, and that is it till now .Drawing was making me a happy little blond boy. I was so happy that I never did thinking on go back to my mothers vagina, never. It takes a long time till I was painting, that was in 1998. Before it I made comics, but I was the only one who understand my comics. I like to work big, so painting was a sort of orgasm for me.Sometimes I made Popcomics, comics whitout storys.

SA: Reading the drawing’s title, I understand that your art reflects your daily life.. Is it true?

PZ: You are a smart lady (don’t run to the toilet to get sick). My drawing’s are a sort of diary in grazy figures, and sometimes serius figures. Mostly I draw them in fat out-lines in marker paper, as a sort of embryo’s. Than I put some of them on canvas, wood or a wall.Or I made them digital in the computer. You can see my Art is a obsession, I can’t live without it. This sounds a little bit heavy, but it is the true.

SA: Your personages have acid colours, their form is synthetic, their expressions are intriguing ….I associate those with Comix, What do you think about?

PZ: You got that right again, are you a fortune-teller or what?I love comics, and art with a comic style. And I love all most all the Art you can see on the street, Streetart. From 1994 till 2002 I put my stickers everywhere, always original hand made stickers, but I stopped because a Polliceman killed me all most. I work in a comic style because I don’t like the real World.

SA: Do you paint pieces on wall using spray? and if it’s so, what is your nick name?

PZ: Long ago in 1995 I did pieces on a wall with the nickname Dildo. Because in those times I like to draw grazy penises, in very strange figures, and I like do do that still sometimes. No I don’t need models in my studio, I use my imagination. My pieces did look as African figures, not really as modern graffiti. But I stoped with the pieces, now I made with brushes my murals. And sometimes I use spray-paint for the backgrounds. Sometimes I wrote articles about graffiti for magazines.Title: Interview with Pieter, by succoacido Italy 2006 | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Media about Pieter

SA: Of course, Writing’s influences are strong. What is your connection with that world?

PZ: I write for some magazines in the Netherlands, the same as with my drawings, I write short stories about my life as a Anti hero in the World, I mean like a diary too. And I write poems.

SA: In the stone, you drew ‘Amely’….why?

PZ: I make a stencil of Amily because I love that special French movie so much. Because it does me so much thing on the South of Europe. I got family in Spain close to Barcelona, and I love it there, The colours, food, it is intensive like the most of the people in Italy and French. Don’t think I’m generate that 3 countries, but I love the Cult movies and the way of life over there. The art critics here said that I work in a very latin style, and I’m proud on that. And I stencil Amelie on a street stone because that is the ultimate place for street Art I believe.

SA: So, ‘Lidia’ is a portrait?

PZ: No it is a inossent little girl. I made sometimes art of children because I like to show the World the beauty of Children. And we must learn from them, let them play, let them grow up peacefully and go to Hell with your weapons, war.

SA: What are your favourite artistes?

PZ: The first is Jean Dubbufet because of his figures, so strong. Than Keith Haring because his work is so pure. Picasso because he did what he want no matter what the people want of them, he placed his self above of them, and a lot of his works are great. I love also the Dutch artist Lugebert, a Cobra artist, I don’t know why, but it takes me. It’s a different question cause I love a lot of artists, and maybe the most artist who walks on the street and does there thing, no matter what the Art-world think’s.

SA: What is your relation with other artistes? Do you like collaborations? There is a good synergy?

PZ: Sometimes I find a really good synergy, like with the Texan artist Joan Fabian. We send each other works, and make something of it. We did 3 shows in Texas and one in the Netherlands. She is my favourite artist to work with, we got the same feelings about how to make Art. (I’m not gay what about the same feelings)-

SA: Another collaboration?

PZ: We made the film Skippy in march this year in Schiedam, in and around my home. The maker John Mason got more information about the movie johnmason@mac.com. He is a fan of the French Noir movies. Skippy (I’m) are afraid for serial killers, so he killed on a funny way people so they can’t kill him. Very confused.

SA: What do you think about Art’s circuit? Do you prefer Underground scene or Market’s power?

PZ: I love the Underground scene, but think when the market scene likes my work on a good way, Iám open for that too.

SA: What is the situation for an young artist in your country? There is a particular attention or not?

PZ: Very bad. I run before a gallery for young artists in Rottedam, but after 7 years I must stop cause of they don’t give me money anymore to run it. Cocksuckers, that are they.Title: Interview with Pieter, by succoacido Italy 2006 | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Media about Pieter

SA: How or what gives you the inspiration to create?

All kinds of music, my wife Xandra, photo’s, smell, so much, I find always something what inspired me.

SA: Now, stop questions..Tell me what do you want…I give you a white paper to tell or to draw a throught

PZ: Okay Gaga send me your most funny photo of yourself and I draw my version of Gaga for you, that what I like to do, I hope you like that to of course.

SA: Thank’s a lot Pieter! I hope to tell with you again

pen: Gabriella Ciancimino (Gagà)



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