Via the link Shop you will enter the life project of Drawing Machine Pieter Zandvliet. You come across heroes but also bastards from dictators, series of killers, gangsters and other bastards. But also Artists, Comic Strip artists, photographers, poets, novelists, writers and philosophers. Politicians, people who have a lot to do in our history, Footballers, Cyclists and other athletes, saints, Gods from different faiths, Musicians from Punk to pop, from Hardcore to house, from Noise to performance artists, from Jazz to blues, from Hip hop to alternative and so on. Movie stars and Porn stars. sick jokes, Erotic art, freaks, art, friends of Pieter, Family, people he met on the street and whom Pieter Zandvliet was excited about when he made the drawing. Almost every day in his online museum shop. Luckily, there are also bought items, so the museum increases and decreases. If you have suggestions for drawings that you think belong to the museum or on your wall, send a personal message to Pieter.Title: Drawing machine project | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: News Various