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September 25, 2020
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Exhibition in Catalunia

It is significant for me to have an Title: Exhibition in Catalunia | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: News

My heart lies, since my first introduction in 1976, in Catalonia. Where I, as a seven year old boy with my parents and sister, stayed at a campsite in Tamarit. I was fascinated by the castle, and swam in the sea myself happy. We went shopping in the beautiful village of Altafulla. Of course we visited often Tarragona where a friend of my uncle lived. I remember a man who closed the doors in the evening.

As for me personally the band with Tarragona became even stronger by the fact that my grandmother Sarah in 1971 is deceased of a cerebral hemorrhage. It was always her dream to ever go to Spain on holiday. When my grandfather died my uncle took my grandmother to Tarragona.

On my vacation in 1976 I got a sunstroke and I nearly died. I hallucinated, and saw things that were not there, maybe this explained my strange quirky art, which to my joy is not to categorize.

My band with Catalonia has never gone away. My wish is to visit it every year when I can. To see and feel my favorite region, for its varied surrounding landscape, the food, the people and ambience.

In my work for this exhibition, I dived into my memories, which is not easy, I can tell you, but I had this trip in order to make the works which are exhibited here.

I use everything, conversations, faces, scenes, history, fragrances and colors, anything to make my work. To keep it pure, and to come straight out of my heart, I do not sketch, but put a line on directly, which for years I have been practicing Often in contrasting colors.

But I said enough, watch and enjoy.




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