Title: The girl from Surabaya | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: 2011 - 2018 Paintings on canvas

The girl from Surabaya
Birthday suprise for my dear everything Xandra Severien
Acrylic on canvas
100×140 cm


Faatima Faa Ali, Indonesia
Unique and Eccentric In His Ways
It maybe sounds a little bit funny that actually I met Pieter Zandvliet through a social network – MySpace. For the first time we knew each other online, I felt that this guy would be my friend. I don’t know why. We had chatted and talked about a lot of things. Though we are very culturally different, I am from Indonesia and he is a Dutch, we built up a tight friendship.
The intimacy became stronger every time we talked about his family, especially his wife Xandra, who is also an Indonesian. I almost never talked with Xandra, but I am sure we both like each other.
I like Pieter’s very unique personality. I love the way he expresses his feeling of life through his works. His paintings are so original and colourful. He knows what he wants. In my opinion, Pieter is a truly great artist who loves his job and devotes himself to it.
Sometimes I am shocked by watching these paintings. As a European artist, he’s really free in mind. As an Asian, with the extremely different culture from the west, the wildness and freedom in the arts looks vulgar to me. But I can understand and also respect the way a great artist should be.
In general, I love his art works. I can see a vivid Pieter through his colorful and creative drawing- a genius with a nice warm heart. It is my honour to introduce Pieter Zandvliet in this book here. He’s a really incredible. Please keep up the great work, Piet!
Much Love from Jakarta, Indonesia — with Faatima Faa Ali in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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