Title: Itam van Teeseling, Rotterdam Netherlands | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Pieter's art around the globe



Itam van Teeseling & Pieter 

Itam van Teeseling Freelance journalist, Rotterdam Netherlands www.itamvanteeseling.nl/

If I had to describe Pieter in one word, than I would call him inspirer, An inspirer in many ways. Someone who sees something beautifull in everything, and in something not that beautifull, he will make it beautifull.

This doesn´t means that Pieter is a born optimist. I know him as a man of contrasting feelings, as someone wavering. Something he doesn´t allways show.

It is readable in his work. Who watches closely, through the bright colors, the happy looking characters and firm lines, can sometimes see a thin trembling line, a touching story or a sharp observation. Anybody calling his work flat or superficial I dare to call blind, or at least uninterested.

It is those hidden pearls that make Pieter his work so interesting. His art has the power to let the viewer be an artist too; an artist in observing and fantasizing. In all those hundreds of works from his hand I promise you can find this pearls.

So don’t make the same mistake some people make by saying “Oh how nice… this would  fit right in our children room”, and look deeper behind that bombastic shell of colors and outlines. Reed his work. Also you will experience a moment of ecstasy. Open your mind and let it be filled with the amazing world that is called Pieter Zandvliet. A world that fascinates, touches and utterly inspiring.