Aug 252015
Title: Ivana & Frank, Schiedam, The Netherlands about Pieter Zandvliet | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Pieter's art around the globe

A son of us was wearing a T-shirt with a print on it of a weird looking character sucking on an enormous joint. Pieter designed the T-shirt and it was the first time we met Pieter his art. Because of this we went taking a peek at the window of Pieter his studio in ‘de Hoofdstraat’ in Schiedam. Paintings, drawings of people, children and animals, without a doubt created by the same guy from the T-shirt.

Later we got the opportunity to start a gallery together with Pieter and his wife Xandra in an old building in the center of Schiedam. With them and the support of a patronage we created foundation ‘t Walvis and we organized our first exhibitions there. Of course Pieter his work had, and has, it’s deserved attention at the gallery. The willfully and unique style is unmistakably Pieter’s and makes a signature from the artist really unnecessary. His work is his signature.

What shouldn’t be unmentioned also is his drive to create and his incredible productiveness. His work evolves, he’s always searching for new shapes but he never betrays what he created earlier.

Unfortunately Pieter doesn’t live in Schiedam anymore, but we are proud that also in 2013 we are organizing an exhibition with his work again.

Pieter, from art shop ‘t Walvis, greetings and good luck. Ivana and Frank.


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