Rene Maagdenberg Artist Meppel Netherlands

Pieter started pouring in my life when I met him at a joint exhibition. I became a fan instantly. At that moment I had not –consciously- seen any work from the man. When and where we collided we found a shared past, a shared present, a parallel universe. Nice for starters.

Of course I googled him at home. Usually that’s a bit disappointing, now I was pleasantly surprised. I stumbled into a cosmos of familiarities, a tiny tad bigger than the one I’m accustomed to, and the interior design had its minor differences. Where ever you laid your eye on; it spoke of Pieter’s presence or at least of his swift return after a short walk with the dogs.

While getting to know Pieter and Xandra more and more, the depths in his work became increasingly deeper, something you don’t see all too often in modern art anymore. Fashionable extra dimensions, now available with increasingly less depth!

Not in the work of Zandvliet. Under one layer there’s another layer, behind that one hides another, shyly peeping around the corner. In seemingly uncomplicated looking outlines the tiniest detail dances forward, expressing in its simplicity a world of stories, the rest of the painting seemingly holding its breath, as if not to disturb anything.

We passed a couple of years now, made a series of paintings together, fitting astonishingly beautiful in both our oeuvres. Each collaboration standing on its own in a special way.

And I got to know more work of Pieter, a few hundred I suppose. What at first seemed to be a chaos now appears to be having amazing structures? Not unlike the spiraling cosmic arms of a nearby galaxy. My favorite tentacle being the one with drawings, drawings that present themselves as being quite plain a first sight. Then you get to know them, read their story (or better; stories), taste their colours, and hear their music. That’s where I think the essence lies: the so called Zandpad. I do believe! And I do realize that whilst writing this, Pieter’s universe has expanded, even more.

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