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July 16, 2020
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Vincent Wiers, Eindhoven Netherlands

Title: Vincent Wiers, Eindhoven Netherlands | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Pieter's art around the globe

Vincent Wiers, Eindhoven Netherlands

Vincent Wiers Musician, Eindhoven, Netherlands http://www.breekpunt-de-band.nl/

There are paintings which you just look at and there are paintings that catch your eye, suck you up and throw you all around the room, every time in another way, in this way I experience the painting “Fiesta” that I bought in 2012 at the Kunstwinkel Schiedam (which happens to be my Birthplace and where I never came back to, until I had to collect the painting) It is obvious that Pieter makes his work from an inner urge, a necessity to create, from a continuing stream of complex emotions and life energy. His work combines atrabilousness with happiness, a comic like style with erotica and power. Pieter appaears to take no one serious and especially himself. This is why his art has a liberating capability to create pure expression. Despite of his working tempo, that probably is incredibly high, his work contains a large amount of details. My conclusion is that all these images are in Pieter his head and all urge to get out of his mind, to put on paper or canvas.

2 thoughts on “Vincent Wiers, Eindhoven Netherlands

  1. Dear Vincent Wiers,
    I as art lover and lover of Pieter’s art know that sometimes it is really hard to express in your own words, what you see in an artwork or in an artist’s oeuvre. Because most of the time seeing and experiencing art is a highly emotional process and one just loves what one sees. It is may-be a little bit like explaining in detail, why you love a person. You just love without questioning a lot about it. Therefore, Vincent, I appreciate a lot your ability to express in few short sentences the essence about Pieter’s art. Although his art is so various, when regarded in all detail aspects and one could write a whole book already on him and his unique style art, you did especially well in your words. Somehow it’s what I think and feel about it, too.
    Greetings from Germany
    Dirk aka Dee

  2. Thanks DB! The words came out easily and straight from the heart. When I would have spent more thinking about them, it would have been reduced to trivial gibberish. Let’s feel and enjoy again and again!

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