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Abdel Halim Ali Shabana 


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Abdel Halim Ali Shabana

Abdel Halim Ali Shabana (Arabicعبد الحليم علي شبانة‎), commonly known as Abdel Halim Hafez (Arabicعبد الحليم حافظ‎) (June 21, 1929 – March 30, 1977) was an Egyptian singer, actorconductorbusiness manmusic teacher and movie producer.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] He is considered to be one of the greatest Egyptian musicians along with Umm KulthumMohammed Abdel WahabFarid Al Attrach, and Shadia.[1][4][8] As his popularity grew, he was given the nickname ‘el-Andaleeb el-Asmar (Arabicالعندليب الأسمر), meaning The Dark-Skinned Nightingale.[7][9] To date, he has sold over 80 million records.

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