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Carlos Mosquera


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Carlos Mosquera

Carlos Mosquera (1970)

Carlos was born in 1973 in Neiva, Colombia. After his birth, mother and son moved in with relatives in the country. Carlos grew up there with his grandparents. In his early years of life, it was not yet known that he was mentally handicapped. It was only at the age of 4 that it became apparent that he was different from his peers. He moved to the capital Bogotá, where he followed special education. He was clearly interested in a specific area, namely in the sacred and religious. Even at a young age he could be found in churches, such as the church in the hamlet San Antonio, where he would sit for hours dreaming away next to the holy figures. The enormous figure of Christ on top of the Montserrat mountain in Bogotá has made an indelible impression on him, like a striking magical sign it is stamped on his memory. Worship and a feeling for spirituality still play an important role for him; he often dreams about his beliefs.

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