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Dick Tracy is an American comic strip featuring Dick Tracy (originally Plainclothes Tracy),[2] a tough and intelligent police detective created by Chester Gould. The strip made its debut on October 14, 1931, in the Detroit Mirror.[3] It was distributed by the Chicago Tribune New York News Syndicate. Gould wrote and drew the strip until 1972.[3] Since that time, various artists and writers have continued the strip, which still runs in newspapers today. Dick Tracy has also been the hero in a number of films, notably one in which Warren Beatty played the crime fighter in 1990. Writer Tom De Haven praised Gould’s Dick Tracy as a “A weird, demented, and (no kidding) outrageously funny American Gothic“, while comics historian Brian Walker described Dick Tracy as a “ghoulishly entertaining creation” which had “gripping stories filled with violence and pathos”.

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