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Marty Feldman


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Martin Alan Feldman (8 July 1934[1] – 2 December 1982) was a British actor, comedian and comedy writer, known for his prominentmisaligned eyes.[2][3][4][5] He starred in several British television comedy series, including At Last the 1948 Show and Marty, the latter of which won two BAFTA awards. He also co-created the BBC Radio comedy programme Round the Horne.

Feldman was part of an ensemble cast of British comic actors that appeared in The Bed Sitting Room (1969), his film debut. He starred in the comedy Every Home Should Have One, one of the most popular comedies at the British box office in 1970.[6] Feldman was the first Saturn Award winner for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Igor in Mel Brooks‘ 1974 comedy horror film Young Frankenstein.

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