Jan 242012
Pieter designs LP cover for musician Jay Andrew Hansen

Jay Andrew Hansen,  Musician from Los Angeles LP ‘Safe in sound’ Comes out at 8 may 2012 Safe in Sound will be available digitally EVERYWHERE January 31st Visit www.JayAndrewMusic.com  to download the first 3 singles for free. Jay Andrew Hansen on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jay.a.hansen

Jan 242012
Itam van Teeseling, Rotterdam Netherlands

http://www.itamvanteeseling.nl/   Itam van Teeseling & Pieter  Itam van Teeseling Freelance journalist, Rotterdam Netherlands www.itamvanteeseling.nl/‎ If I had to describe Pieter in one word, than I would call him inspirer, An inspirer in many ways. Someone who sees something beautifull in everything, and in something not that beautifull, he will make it beautifull. This doesn´t means that Pieter is a […]

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