Jan 302012
Pieter Zandvliet YEAAAAAAAAAA BOY, Rellevant magazine Barcelona 2006

Written by: Lady Emz Pieter Zandvliet is a very creative artist full of life, with a good sense of humour and his art is colourful and passionate. Born in Leiden, Holland, the same place where Rembrand van Rijn and Jan Steen landed on earth, “I hope I’ll get famous before I die at least…” Pieter […]

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Jan 302012
Interview with Pieter, by succoacido Italy 2006

ALL ROUND ARTIST FROM HOLLAND Hello my Friends… Are you ready to go to Holland? Well! Last days, We made an excursion to the Windmill’s land….we cross a field of tulips, wearing wooden-sabots and red aprons…. However, stop to tell bloody nonsense! We arrived to Schiedam, where Pieter Zandvliet lives! He’s interesting artist that express […]

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Jan 302012
Interview with Pieter by Chi-do  Castellano y Francais 2008

Interview with Pieter by Chi-do English Castellano, Francais     Hace alrededor de 1 año ya que publicamos en nuestro myspace la entrevista que le hicimos aPieter Zandvliet. Lo normal ha solido ser que nos entrevisten a nosotros, pero con gente tan genial y fantástica como Pieter la verdad es que merece la pena pasarse al otro […]

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