Title: Queen B | Artist: Pieter Zandvliet | Category: Various 100×100 cm

Acrylic on canvas

For somehow Queen Beatrix (when I painted her she was the Queen) is allways an inspiration, some sort of Icone in my art. I place her in nature with animalls around her. She deserve her rest to create her beautifull sculptures.

Elizabeth – Anne Booth Johannesburg South Africa

Pieter always makes me laugh. He has a wonderful sense of humor but the cherry on the top is he can laugh at himself. His imagination flies and be rest assured you will see Pieter dressed as a ballerina or adorned with gold chains and blonde wig. In the bigger picture he has an amazing talent for observation which one sees reflected in his art. While his art work can have tears running down your face with laughter, let’s not forget his works show real life situations which may not be funny at all. They reflect real life which makes you think. He has the ability to paint almost anything and everything covering the whole spectrum. There is always something new to see and experience. I remember asking him once please explain what you have painted in a particular painting. He said it showed a child’s world and how they live in that magical child state. I have never forgotten that. From a child’s magical world to a painting about plastic surgery with a lot of diversity.

His art expands further to handbags and shoes, the creative ideas are boundless, he is unlimited.

What I appreciate the most is his gratitude and humbleness. His feet are firmly planted on the ground and I bet my bottom dollar he experiences his gift as a huge blessing. I wish him the best of success and for making the difference in all of our lives.